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Plagiarism: The Unacceptable Word

The one unacceptable, unmentionable, horrific word of those who would call themselves writers is the vilest of all words: plagiarism. For a writer to claim he has the ability to write he/she must at least be able to put a pen to the paper or by today's technology, run their fingers over the keys.

A writer must have the high aspiration of creating something new, something beyond that of others. His love of the skill of placing his thoughts on paper must be feverishly strong in his soul.

A writer's work, his very words are his breath. For a writer to breathe he may be amongst others when he takes a breath, and inhales his surroundings, his research, his observations and all that he needs to live. But when he exhales, his breath absolutely must be his own. For to be any other way, the written word he would claim as his own, is naught but deceit not only to others but to himself as he has claimed he could write.

An academic writer must research the written word and interview those who are relevant to the task at hand. He must seek out the work of others to complete his task. Yet he must never ignore the reality of the research; that the words he read and the words he heard came from others. Credit must be given!

In America we have a saying, "a man's word is his bond." A writer's word must be his bond. For to have any other response, that man may not claim the skill of writer but that of a thief.

Pick-pockets dig in your pockets and take that which is not theirs. Burglars sneak in and steal that which is of value. Both the burglar and the pick pocket claim that which is not their own. Their claim is empty. It doesn't matter how many claims a person makes, a lie is still a lie.

As a teacher, I explain to my students what it means to be considered honorable. This is a difficult task for one teaching inner city youth. I tell them honor can only be seen in your example, your word and your deeds. They do not see it at home, and wonder about its meaning. I try by example to show consistency to let them see by my words and deeds that they can believe in me. I must be the example of honor. My word has to be my bond.

I am required to teach what it means to steal the work of another, to teach why it is wrong to take the work of another and claim it as your own. I tell them it is like having a child and caring for the baby each and every hour until someone comes along and kidnaps the child and raises it as their own. The parent's photos and the child's fingerprints will testify to the truth.

There is no worse charge against a writer than that of plagiarism. It is a statement that the "writer" has no thoughts of his own, and a writer with no thoughts to express is not a writer. Let us learn the features of jitterymonks go here website.

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